Natkon dendrometers are involved in many scientific projects worldwide leading to numerous scientific publication about growth and tree water relations (see list of publications related to Natkon products).

Currently the public interest into outcomes of projects combining aspects of science and art is huge. The project ‘trees’ and ‘treelab’ are two examples in which Natkon was directly involved. The sonification of ecophysiological data and combining it with ultrasonic acoustic measurements on trees was in the focus of these projects.

In the following you find a list of links to project descriptions and media reports dealing with this topic (mainly in German).

Trees – Rendering ecophysioloigical processes audible
Radio report: SRF2 – Kultur: What about nature’s worth? Musik, Soundkunst und der Klimawandel
Presentation at the Naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft Winterthur: Das Flüstern der Bäume
Radio Report: Hessischer Rundfunk: Weiße Hirsche und flüsternde Föhren – Staunen im Walde