Dendrometer ZN12-T-WP

The ZN12-T-WP is made out of one piece of carbon fibre (CFK) and is consequently combined with stainless steel elements (rods and nuts). The electronic displacement-sensor (linear motion potentiometer) is a weather-proof but not sealed sensor which is powered with a stable 3-5 VDC power supply. The ZN12-T-WP is our most sold dendrometer and is applicable for tree stems > 7 cm in diameter in most environments. Dendrometers with the WP sensors are not recommend for extremely wet conditions.

  • T-shaped carbon fiber (CFK) frame combined with stainless steel elements
  • The frame offers the possibility to mount a second sensor
  • Weather proof linear motion potentiometer, infinite resolution
  • Application to stems, branches and roots >7 cm in diameter
  • Easy to mount
  • Data sheet ZN12-T-WP to download for more details

  • Price: CHF 710.- (excl. VAT)
  • Reductions apply for orders of more than 10 items